theLAB Guesthouse

theLAB guest houses

Sit back, relax, and let your smart speaker called ‘Echo’ take care of things.

theLAB Guest houses offers guests solar-powered and eco-conscious luxury stays in three stunning Western Cape destinations: on the Franschhoek and Robertson wine routes, as well as in Hout Bay, close to the Constantia wine route and ocean.

All are focused on reducing human carbon-footprint and intervention, as rooms are almost fully automated.   

“Echo make me coffee.”

“Echo close the blinds.”

These are all requests you can give your in-room system; and her wish will be your command. Most of the time. There are some glitches at times, but that’s just tech for you.

Electric car? There’s a charging station. Water is recycled and single-use plastic eliminated, and every inch of every roof is lined with solar-panels. Food is not a bit issue at theLAB. Expect healthy, light meals, but going out and exploring the surrounding areas is encouraged. 

Staying here, is both weird and wonderful. Weird, in that you feel kind of like you’re in the future, but also very much present. Mixing tenses you find yourself in a strange limbo state, one you enjoy with a glass of wine by the jacuzzi nonetheless, but one that, initially, is a bit jarring until you’ve acclimatised and merged the two worlds. The it works beautifully, rendering the experience: wonderful.

E-scooting, Franschhoek. Photo: Marisa Crous

The Hout Bay stay is for longer term stays, whereas the Franshhoek and Robertson guesthouses are perfect for a quick winelands weekend escape. The Hout Bay pool, the lush greenery and mountainous views, and the rooms breathe luxury, calm and pure relaxation. It makes you lazy in the most wonderful of ways.

Whereas the Franschhoek stay is more of a luxe rest stop, an oasis to replenish your senses in between wine tastings and e-scooting around town.

Go escape into the weird high-tech meets eco-luxe world that theLAB has created. Indulge and give into the weird, until it’s wonderful.