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The Soweto Food Festival

The festival showcases both international cuisine and local food side by side. Cultural cafes demonstrate the preparations involved in making meals from various cultures such as Venda, Tswana etc. An interactive Chefs kitchen demonstrates tastes and techniques from around the globe and a new taste zone features the latest food trends. This gives Soweto locals the opportunity to taste various foods from around the globe, without having to travel to other countries. The idea is to generate cultural exchange with food being the platform.

Visitors can also compare South African beers with their international counterparts at The Beer Garden and a wine route will make tourists familiar with South Africa’s most popular and finest wines. While the adults engage in beer and wine tasting, the children can enjoy a wide range of activities in an area which is dedicated to their safety and enjoyment.

The World’s Deepest Pub

A large, clingy lift will take you 226 meters underground to a donkey stable where these animals use to stay when they were used to pull cocopans filled with gold-laden rocks for removal above ground. This donkey-stable has been made over to serve as a bar situated in what used to be one of the world’s deepest and richest gold mines.

The Apartheid Museum

The Apartheid Museum is a good example of a hyper-reality, because of the amazingly good simulation and reflecting off the Apartheid era. When entering the museum one gets overwhelmed by the blown-up photographs, metal cages and numerous monitors which depict the evils of the past. In the museum, one will encounter with things such as a “Kasper” (a large, yellow and blue, armored police vehicle), in which one can sit and watch footage of the townships, taken from inside the vehicle. One will also find a cage full of dreadful weapons which the security forces used to enforce the Apartheid ideology.

Gold Reef City

Gold Reef City is about 6 kilometers south of the city and this is where one can get an overview of how the mining system operated back in the day. Gold Reef City is more than just showcasing an old mine. There is a Gold Reef City Hotel, restaurants and shops like SA Mint where one can buy silver and gold jewelry. There is even some entertainment in the town square in the form of a five-piece band that provides music to the listeners throughout the day.

One can also visit the hands-on science center where you can test yourself on various machines and experiments. If you are feeling brave you can go on one of 28 rides, including the tower of terror and the river rapids.

Johannesburg grew from a small mining town to a major, vibrant capitalist city with a high grade of cultural diversity. Surely it is a good stop to make for any tourist that wants to engage with the South African vibe.

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